How Can You Tell If a Watch is High-Quality in Boca Raton?

There are some simple signs which give away the quality of a watch. Like wine, price is an indication regarding quality but it is not foolproof.  And it is becoming more challenging to separate quality with the emergence of boutique watch brands. We put together this list of signs the watch you are looking at is a top-quality piece.

First on the list is accuracy.  This is a measurement that all watch brands strive for. The best indicator of accuracy in the swiss watchmaking world is a chronometer certification. This is a separate body that tests watches for their accuracy and the certificate is only rewarded if the watch is accurate to within +6/-4 seconds per day. 

A high-quality watch is crafted from steel, platinum, gold or a combination of these materials.   When you lift the watch it should have a weight to it that signifies it has been made from hard-wearing, high-quality materials. If the watch you are lifting feels too light and like plastic,  it could be an indicator that lower-quality materials have been used.

Swiss watches in particular should come with a certificate of authenticity.  The certificate will include a number that allows you to check with the retailer to confirm if the watch is genuine or not.  Certificates also increase the sale price if you decide to sell your watch in the future. Buyers want to feel secure that they are buying a genuine watch, and for good reason. The fake luxury watch market is full of poor and good looking imitations and no-one wants to be left with a dud. 

Having a certificate of authenticity is the best way to ensure your watch is real and high quality.

The best watches are made from high-quality materials such as steel, platinum, and gold. Hublot designed their own scratch-resistant Gold, Rolex uses mother of pearl, gold brass, and stainless steel. Quality manufacturers should invest heavily into the materials they use and it should show in the quality of the watch. These materials often include a combination of metals & jewels which give the best performance in terms of style, comfort, robustness as well as accuracy.

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