Our History

Some people are born watch designers: Enrico Margaritelli represents the third generation of an Italian family of passionate watchmakers. A love of detail and the cult of mechanical engineering were instilled in him by his grandfather Ariodante, who invented high precision instruments and timepieces for military use during the First and Second World Wars. From his family, Margaritelli has inherited his love of hand craftsmanship, a strong work ethic, the careful choice of materials, and an attention to detail that makes the difference. Always.


His love of beautiful motorcycles and mechanical engineering is reflected in the timepieces designed by Margaritelli, who has come a long way since starting out in the family shop in Parma. In his outstanding career, he collaborated with Fossil and Emporio Armani before going on to create the independent brands Soviet and Key West.

In 2013, Margaritelli established the CT Scuderia brand. CT as in ContaTempo, or timepiece in Italian, created for people who live life, like him, in a dimension of speed and elegance. The expert watchmaker has infused the brand with a powerful personality expressed by sporty features and the inimitable classic creativity of Italian design.

The superiority of Italian design and the impeccable elegance of CT Scuderia are the fruit of a true passion for everything beautiful and dynamic.