Cafe Racer Concept

How fast you go doesn’t matter as much as how.

Time passes faster on a cafe racer. It projects the rider into a new dimension that’s more authentic, intense and exclusive: every stolen minute becomes a story to tell your friends. It’s true what they say: the journey often counts more than the destination. It’s all about how you experience it.

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The essential style of speed
is reflected in a taste for living in the fast lane


No watch interprets the aesthetic of speed better than a CT Scuderia Cafe Racer. An unprecedented collection of unique timepieces that resolutely combine the rigour of Swiss construction, the elegance of Italian design, and the inspiration of classic English motorcycles.

Who is the man behind CT Scuderia? Please meet Enrico Margaritelli, the brand’s founder and designer, who has a passion for the mechanical engineering shared by beautiful motorcycles, powerful sports car engines and sophisticated timepieces. Margaritelli has devoted his professional life to designing watches inspired by what he loves.

People who love motors know that the shortest route isn’t always the best one. Every detour brings unexpected surprises. Every corner cut like a tailor made suit arouses strong emotions. Even after he quit motorcycle racing, where the stopwatch is the only thing that counts, Enrico has never stopped setting himself goals and charting out the ideal professional path. Only rarely does the design of a watch so clearly reflect the personality of its designer, as a timepiece in the Cafe Racer collection.
The choice of materials, the pleasure of exclusive details and the pioneering features say a lot about the person who wears it.

The excitement aroused by cafe racers and their exclamatory style merge man and motorcycle in a lifestyle made of speed and pronounced individuality. This is the fuel that powers Margaritelli’s unique dream, like the custom specials brought to life by a master mechanic’s hands.

CT Scuderia timepieces reflect the underlying aesthetic of competition motorbikes and a taste for aggressive styling. An instant classic for people with a lifestyle that is indifferent to passing fashions, for the modern gentleman with a strong passion for quality, and for those who like to share it with the people they gather around themselves.

The masculine character of a CT Scuderia Cafe Racer reveals its uniquely Italian sense of beauty, so that all you need are a leather jacket, a pair of sunglasses and the right shoes (leave your boots in the garage for once) to be world ambassadors. The metal, the sophisticated finishes and the leather strap as soft and elegant as a racing glove tell the story of a highly personal style that has been refined with passing time. It is the style of a man who is always ready to start his engine and set off, curious to know what lies around the next bend, who he’ll meet at the next bar, and where the next stage in his journey will take him.

The inspiration takes shape: do you have enough determination to seize it? A CT Scuderia Cafe Racer will never let you down.